Single exhibits in Europe:

In 2018 „Galerie Kunstraum 3“, Lengerich/Westf., Germany.
In 2013 „Museum Sorgdrager“, Hollum-Ameland, Holland.
In 2012 „Galerie Republique“, Saint-Dizier, France.
In 2010 „Galerie Republique“ Saint-Dizier, France.
In 2008 „J&B“ Art Gallery, Holland.
In 2008 „Galerie Republique“ Saint-Dizier, France.
In 2007 „J&B“ Art Gallery, Holland.
In 2007 „Atelier-galerie D`art“ Pontoise, France.
In 2006 „gallery of Impressium“, Münster, Germany.
In 2005 „gallery of République“ Saint-Dizier, France.
in 2005 „house of the guest“ Bad Sassendorf, Germany.
in 2004 „Schwabenlandhalle“, Fellbach, Germany.
In 2003 „Les ateliers du cadre“ Pontoise, France.
In 2000 „Bruton Saint gallery“ London, UK
Still life Portrait Pastel Act Genre